Carlotta Castelnovi

Make a summary of your personal life, I want to see it with your own eyes

I live in Genoa, our house looks like a ship that pushes its way through the houses,  and from my window I can see the harbor: a coming and going of houses !     Genoa is “my” city, every view is a dream like world!     It’s from the window of my house that I wait for the evening, looking for inspiration, digging into an unknown something until the framework is completed.
I travel with the wind thinking about an object, a meeting, a song, a film, a written sentence….and here a  picture reaches my mind: here it is, I think. ”This is it”.
I get satisfaction out of the most simple things even if I realize that they are the most difficult to achieve!
Living with two scorpios is not so easy: Fausto, the companion of my life is my rare tree;  small Adele is ten months and she is teaching me to live courageously!
To live with two scorpios you must have two feet on the lawn and the head in the clouds and in this sport I am quite good!

What kind of school did you attend?  How and when did a change happen?

I attended a high school dedicated to the arts.  Following this,  I attended a University for architecture. Attending University gave me the knowledge and  confidence necessary to embark on my own adventure. I fled to Barcelona, which started a very important chapter of my life. While living in Barcelona, I met and encountered numerous other artists and illustrators who helped me realize that it was possible to make a living doing something I love, and am deeply passionate about.

When did it become your full time job?

When I was 24  I won 2 contests which allowed me to begin my career in art. The first contest I won gave me the opportunity to exhibit my art through France, with a wonderful organization named BazArt. The second contest, although small, gave me the opportunity to create and paint the label of San Bernardo Mineral Water. I am thankful for both of these experiences because they allowed me to do what I love most…create!

When did you decide that being a painter would be your job?

I do not feel I am an artist or a painter: these words scare me .I am pleased  to feel like a little girl who is still able to be astonished and to imagine with the eyes of an adult!

What you did before, was it useful when you started painting?

Sooner or later you find what you love doing and you follow your own path and dreams.

Do you have a purpose when you paint or is it just a pleasure?

I learned that having a purpose helps me to be more practical. If I do not have a purpose I get lost; sometimes I feel the need to get lost but not always…

How were your characters born?

I have never thought that they were characters: it’s just a way to convey simple emotions with wonder.

How did you develop  your technique?

By experimenting! Experimentation is the stuff of growth. I am a self-taught woman.

Have you ever painted a picture that you would not have liked to sell?

In the beginning it was difficult for me to let go of my pieces, but over time I have made peace with myself, giving me other possibilities and leaving to other people the freedom to choose.

If there has been an evolution in your painting, how would you describe it?

I am hardly satisfied with my works: it’s a kind of dissatisfaction that I hope will allow me to think, when I am 80, that there has been an evolution!

What are you inspired by?

Watching the world upside down, confusing the sky from the sea, going to pick Adele up at the nursery, muttering among wipers, carpet beaters, vacuum cleaner, behind Fausto’s ear, following two turtledoves, sometimes amidst the boiling pasta or in my hair uncombed.

How do you feel when you paint?

Painting brings me peace. When I paint, my mind feels quiet I feel at ease. When I can’t paint or create, I feel uneasy. It’s a repetitive cycle!

Size of the paintings:

small ones 30x30
larger  ones 70x100  / 100x100….

Technique used

Mixed technique, acrylics, oil